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Elena Perrotta – Decorative Artist.

With a background in set design, set dressing, props and graphics, Elena has worked as an assistant art director, location designer, colours & finishes designer and a store planner & designer. She also has a Diploma of Interior Design and worked for well-known companies such as Channel 9, Hallmark Cards, Myer and Crawford Productions.

EP Designs began in 1997, as a hobby, with a dream to create beautiful & inspiring decorative pieces to be enjoyed & loved. As the years progressed, Elena’s studio overflowed with an endless range of inspiring creations for people to own, enjoy & feel good about.

Elena sees the beauty in old items that the rest of us discard and lovingly returns them to a rightful gorgeous state. Whether it is a wooden bowl, metal tray, photo frame, vase or furniture, Elena repairs and protects it before adding some artistic flair to bring it to new life. Her creative ideas could not be restrained or limited and so an endless range of inspiring products would be added.

Her once-a-year ‘Exhibition & Sale’ would see her home transformed into a chic little boutique where Elena delighted in seeing her customers enjoy viewing her work, spending ages browsing & fossicking for that perfect piece to take home or give as a gift. A great time was always had by all. Customers were able to immerse themselves in a collection of fine recreated treasures of trays, bowls, vases, candelabras, compotes, occasional furniture, Christmas décor items, table runners, decorative table cloths, throws, shawls, totes, handbags, cushions, recreated bric-a-brac ….. and the list goes on.

These unique creations have a combination of various styles such as vintage, shabby, country, French or Tuscan ‘chicness’. Elena delights in her work & desires to share her love of all things beautiful with all who love it too.

Elena’s work developed in such a way that there was a huge mix of products. She eventually decided to separate her work into the exclusive & the affordable. Her more exclusive works now needed to be showcased as the classy and elegant decorative artworks they were becoming. And so, Precious Treasures was born.

…and at EP Designs, Elena continues to fill her store with delightful surprises for you to enjoy.


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