Decor Tablecloths

During my ‘hobby business’ days EP Designs produced a variety of decor items in addition to the recreated treasures of the painted kind.  Decorative tablecloths, tabletoppers & table runners were among the popular items. Most of the designs were one or two-of-a-kind as they were made from remnant pieces – even the tassels & embellishments were created from remnant pieces which were only ever bought at stock take sales or selected from the remnant bins in craft/haberdashery/home furnishing stores. Colour matching & creative design was always a challenge when materials were limited but interesting pieces usually resulted.

* This tablecloth draped over an old chair was designed using a curtain lace titled ‘Tuscany’  & combined with sheer voile edging.

* I loved using sheers, voiles & even chiffons for decorative tablecloths like this one, which has removeable, hand made tassels on each corner. These flowing tablecloths look equally decorative as a throw.

* Very simple but effective, white lace & ivory fringing – very elegant.

* Soft flowing sheers & rayon fringing are Oh so elegant …..

* I got into the habit of taking no notice of what materials ‘should’ have been used for. In my work room, chiffons were used for decor tablecloths, curtain sheers were used for shawls, fine knits were used for throws.  Ideas kept flowing freely once the creative process kicked in. This shawl was made using a gorgeous printed cutain sheer which had an organza look & feel to it, with hand dyed lace fringing trimming each end.

I guess you could also call these items ‘recreated treasures’ too.

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Decor Tablecloths — 3 Comments

  1. These table runners are beautiful. They work wonderfully with this terrific candleholder. Your blog and pictures are just lovely. Thank You!

  2. I love elegant flowing decor tablecloths & throws. Mum & I used to make lots of these but we haven’t included any for quite some time.