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I’ve come across an interesting article from a newsletter I received, about a new Australian Made Concept Store. 

Treasurer Wayne Swan has recently launched this new store at Sydney’s International Terminal.  Apparently it’s our nation’s first Australian Made store.

We’re all familar with The Australian Made logo which has been used for more than 20 years, so now Mr Swan believes authentic Australain Made products should go on show in one store. He gives us a vote of confidence here saying  “Australia was a very high quality producer of goods and services.” (… Thank you Mr Swan)

“Whether it is in financial services, or whether it is in areas of manufacture, Australia does well, very well by world standards and I think when people come here, or when they’re looking at this country from overseas, there is something very special about Australia that they see,” Mr Swan told reporters on Tuesday.

“So there is for us, at the moment, a fantastic opportunity to promote brand Australia, Australian made and Australian grown.”

Mr Swan said that during recent overseas trips he had seen an increasing interest from people in how Australians lived, how the country operated and how it was governed.

“These are things we can take advantage of as we move forward into recovery and I do see this logo, this concept, this brand Australia as being at the very core of our future prosperity and success in the global economy.”

I find this interesting and would love to know more about it – who will be included in this concept store and will the store open its doors in each state. 

*** It would be absolutely fabulous if small businesses, even home based businesses.  were included in promotion of the Australian brand ***

What do you think?
You can read the source of this article here .
You can also find out more about the Australian Made logo here.
Images sourced from  Australian Made

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  1. oh good article!
    interesting to read, we sell only Australian-made, i’m going to check it out.