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The time has arrived again for the Business Mums Network Blog Awards. The theme for the 2010 awards is –

Blogs by a business mum that tells us about her business.

As usual I leave things until the last minute so I’m now short on time to get nominations in for my blog.

How does this work?

Firstly, click on the Nominate My Blog button at the top of this post. This takes you to the blog awards page where the information is given. You will also find the Terms & Conditions there too. If you’re happy with everything and you’d like to nominate my blog, please scroll down to where you see Click here – this takes you to the nomination page.

You can nominate as many blogs as you like, but you can only nominate each blog once.

What happens next?

The 3-5 blogs with the highest number of nominations will be chosen as finalists.

Prizes are also being given out to those who nominate blogs.

So, if you like what you see on my EP Designs blog please nominate it before the end of today.

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