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Welcome to EP Designs 

After 12 years of homeschooling my son, 2008 marked the end to our homeschooling years. During these years I have been and still am a work-at-home business mum. I love working with colour & paint, and recreating previously loved items into new treasures. I began doing this a number of years ago as a hobby. Once a year I would hold an Exhibition & Sale to display & sell my work. As the years rolled on the range of my creative work increased to include other decorative home wares, linens, gift ideas, and even accessories such as handbags & shawls. Everything on display was designed & created by me. (with the exception of anything requiring sewing via a sewing machine – then my amazing mum would do the sewing).

I always had it in mind that one day I would like to turn the hobby into a business. This eventually came about but the ‘official’ business had a shaky start due to personal reasons.

My desire has been, and still is, to design & create a selection of inspiring & beautiful decor pieces for the home or gorgeous treasures to collect or give as a gift. I now also select a range of products carefully chosen from other suppliers & importers.

My EP Designs web site showcases my recreated works and a range of exclusive & inspiring decor items, beautiful collectables & gorgeous gift ideas.

Come and have a look. You will be delightfully surprised!

EP Designs is about making your house into a beautiful home.

Enjoy your browsing through EP Designs and keep a close eye for new developments by signing up for my Newsletter

Ciao for now,

Elena Perrotta


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