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During the year the Business Mums Network holds a series of workshops on various topics related to business. On the 17th November last year they held one titled “Blogging For Beginners”, presented by Lucie Battaini – MultimediARTand Tash Hugh – Word Constructions.I’ve been to some of the previous workshops (& highly recommend them) but unfortunately I was unable to attend this one. BMN now makes available for purchase transcripts of these workshops. I must say that for someone like me who is not very technically minded, I found these notes very helpful. This guide includes information on the technical side of having a blog (Lucie Battaini) and on content – what to write (Tash Hughes). They speak about the usefulness of blogging for business, search engines, using Word Press, writing posts, filling your blog & a number of other blog related information.

You can spend a great deal of time on your business & there are always going to be areas where you are an absolute ‘genius’ at, some areas where you are ‘OK’ and other areas where you need lots of help with. Understanding blogs & whether or not they are useful for business in any way, was one of those areas I needed ‘a lot of help’ with. Thanks to being able to go through this guide I have been able to understand more and I even managed to do a few technical ‘things’ that I never thought I’d ever understand enough to be able to do them.

Anyhow, take a look at what’s available from Business Mums Guides under Workshop Notes. They are very reasonably priced & I do recommend them.

Ciao for now

Elena Perrotta :)

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Business Mums Guides – Workshop Notes – Blogging For Beginners — 4 Comments

  1. It’s great to know that our words have helped you Elena :)

    I know I learnt a lot of the technical points from Lucie that day, too. As you said, we don’t all know everything – I do content well but Lucie shines at the technical points!