Little Bowl of Yellow Roses

bowl-1bb.JPGThis Recreated piece was in a sad state when I bought it from a recycling yard. Originally it would have had a fixed overhead handle, but the handle must have been long gone before I found the bowl. The silver that did cover it once was also long gone & the bowl needed a good clean & scrub in preparation for the recreation process. This is the final result of that recreation.

The bowl now has a ‘new life’ …. and is indeed in ‘pride-of-place’ in a new home standing proud as gorgeous little Recreated Treasure.

Elena Perrotta

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About Elena

Mum to one teenage boy who has been homeschooled. I'm a decorative artist with a background in Interior Design. I love lots of colour, painting & generally being creative, all things beautiful, sunsets, beaches, sunny days, chocolate and bubbly.

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