Compote or Jewellery Keeper


pink-compote-1dd.JPGAfter browsing a number of sites owned by talented jewellery artists I decided to bring out another of my recreated treasures. This cute little design is finished in soft pink, pale green & pale gold. I wanted to keep it soft because of the detail in its design.


My first thoughts go to chocolates – The pink compote would look so elegant serving a selection of handmade chocolates but after browsing through Annette Piper’s blog Under The Loupe and seeing some creative jewellery designs I’m now thinking this compote could look gorgeous with a beautiful green, pink & mauve pearl strands
draped over it; add to it a purple bracelet and a rose quartz charm bracelet ; top it off with a pale pink & frosted necklace . A mix of gorgeous beads, pearls & gemstones would sit pretty in the compote and add a sweet little feaure on a dresser or corner table.

I’d love to be able to photograph this compote with all those gorgeous pieces of jewellery. The compote has a satin finish and would set off the shine and luminous sheen of the jewellery beautifully.

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