Garage Story – Update.

The campaign to completely clean and organise the garage continues. We are now half way through. It doesn’t sound much but it’s a huge task. I’ve never seen so much dust, dirt & creepy crawlies …. well they were dead little bodies when I got to them. The more I pull things out the more jobs seem to come to the surface. I won’t complain though because this job is on the move. It looks as though I can only work on it on Saturdays for now. The next step will be to install sisolation to the ceiling and one wall, add plasterboard (or other) to one wall, then clean/wash/scrub the remainder in preparation for painting.

Wish me good health & strength for the next lot of work. Once this is done we’ll begin to sort & empty out the second half of the garage ….. then I can tackle my work room.

ciao for now

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Garage Story – Update. — 3 Comments

  1. I can so relate to this! I started sorting my garage in January and still haven’t finished. Everything was neatly packed and stored, but there are so many things that haven’t been used in years.

    It really feels good to be able to clear out a bit, doesn’t it?

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