Recreated, Decorative, Timeless


It’s time to show off another recreated item seeing I haven’t done so for a while. 

Sometimes friends give me old silverware as gifts for my birthday or other occasions because they know I’m always on the lookout for different, unusual or vintage style items to recreate. This sweet dish was one of them.

The dish is a simple but very elegant shape. There is no embossing, carving or other embellishment except for a row of small round ‘pearl drops’ along the handle. The proportions between the splayed base, plain tray with scrolled corners & patterned handle flow together beautifully to create such an elegant server.

Considering it’s been tossed about on a shelf in a recycling yard the dish has kept it’s shape well. Soft mauve & green with simple gold painted trims have recreated this serving dish into a gorgeous decorative item. …… Another One-Of-A-Kind


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