Searching For Inspiration



Three branch candle holder trimmed with Victorian beaded fringing

The creative room has been silent and still for a long time. I know I’m not far off from picking up a paint brush …. for creative purposes instead of painting walls.  In fact, I am eager to get going again. I remember when the paint, brushes fabrics and embellishments were used in full swing and how all I had to do was pick up one of them and the inspiration would flow. Will this happen the again, the same as before? I hope so ….. I believe it will.


Shabby rose jug-vase

I haven’t posted my creative work for a long time, mainly because there haven’t been new pieces to show. For now, I’m reminiscing, and thought I’d post some pics of favourite pieces I’ve recreated in the past …… This is probably for my benefit more than anything else but I hope new visitors will enjoy what I have to show.

Heart trinket box with matching roses tray

Pot-planter for precious blooms

Organza shawl trimmed with hand dyed lace

Am I inspired? …… Yes.

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