Recreated For Friends


What do you do with a heavy glass bead necklace? If it’s too heavy to wear you may want to throw it away or give it away. But what if the necklace belonged to your mother and the glass beads happen to be venetian glass beads? They’re not something to just ‘get rid of’, especially if they were bought on a trip to Venice. Well, you ask a creative friend to do something with it……. and I think eight things were well done.

Recreating items is something I love to do myself and Mezz from Creative Outlet has done a fantastic job recreating this necklace into eight totally different new creations. They’re gorgeous pieces. I quite like Purple Velvet and Light Amethyst…. although Lavender, Burgundy and Amethyst are so nice too …. well all eight are great. You must pop over and have a look at what Mezz has done.


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Mum to one teenage boy who has been homeschooled. I'm a decorative artist with a background in Interior Design. I love lots of colour, painting & generally being creative, all things beautiful, sunsets, beaches, sunny days, chocolate and bubbly.

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