Are You A Comment Junkie?

Do you take notice of the comment notes at the Post A comment box on the blogs you visit? I love some of the ones I’ve seen. A while back I tried to change my comment note and after a a few hours of trials for this persistent blogger I managed to find how to go about the changes. Mine now reads as  Round Table Chit-Chats. I add –

Now that you’ve finished reading this post, please don’t leave without adding your voice to the Round Table Chit Chat.
I love reading your chit-chats …. and visiting Your Blog.

At my Precious Treasures blog my visitors leave Inspired Thoughts. 

At A Good Cup Of Coffee, visitors comments are cups poured

The Simple Woman’s Daybook comments are Kind Notes. 

I’ve seen lots of other comment ‘types’ but I love what Ann Rae from Critical Mass  has for her comment box – 

I’m a comment junkie. Thank you feeding my habit.

If you would like to feed Ann’s habit, write a kind note, an inspired thought or would like a cup poured then take some time to visit.

Have you a cute comment name on your blog? Then please join in with our Round Table Chit-Chat 😉 I’d love to hear what it is.

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