Little Treasures

We’ve had special themes for Pink Saturday organised by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound Of course, all have had something to do with Christmas. My apologies for missing last week’s theme – unfortunately I had computer problems plus someone hacked into my blog & left some unwanted code which needed to be cleaned up. I hope it didn’t cause any problems for people trying to visit me. All is now cleared up.

This week we are sharing a special holiday tradition …. but I will also include the photos I had ready for last week. Over the years I’ve selected a theme for most Christmas decorations – it might be Angels one year, hearts another year, stars, bows etc

Some of the decorations would be collected & others would be handmade. The handmade ones were lots of fun and were also given to friends who also collected them as keepsakes. I’ve tried to keep a few as keepsakes myself – it’s hard to hang on to these things because I do like giving them away

The above photo shows some of my handmade decorations. The next photo only has two handmade decorations – the hearts on the left – the other hearts & stars were bought.

The next photo shows my collection of string beading. It’s become a favourite decoration for me – there’s something about them that makes the place feel rich, luxurious & gorgeous.

Red & gold are my favourite Christmas colours – even though Christmas is during our summer I still love to use these traditional colours. I also love things in miniature so one year I decorated a whole bunch of tiny trees – as seen in the top photo – Many were sold during my Christmas sales & given as gifts … but I just had to keep some for myself

I guess while most people are busy with baking favourite Christmas recipes I tend to enjoy making special little treasures…’s become a yearly tradition for me now.


Until next time, have a …

Wonderful Pink Saturday Everyone!


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Little Treasures — 9 Comments

  1. Elena, your decorations are just lovely! Anyone would be happy to receive them and display them proudly!

    Sorry you had such difficulties last week . . . hope everything is taken care of now.

    Wishing you a blessed and safe Christmas enjoyed with those you love.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  2. Hello, my dear friend,
    Your decorations are exquisite!! I especially like the ones you have so artistically created. Your home must look a dream at Christmas. Thank you for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. I always love to hear from you! May you and your family have the merriest of Christmases and a very Happy New Year! Blessings to you! Vicki

  3. Handmade decorations are a wonderful tradition and yours are gorgeous! We lost two boxes of decorations when we moved (don’t ask me how… I wonder whether they were dropped and disposed of quietly, hoping I wouldn’t notice) so there went 20-odd years of vintage glass ornaments etc. So now we go with the unbreakable ones and lots of tinsel. Sigh. Not as nice, at all!

    Thanks so much for visiting, Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas in advance!

  4. I am sorry that you have had computor problems. Some people just have to be mean. Glad you got it straightened out and everything is back to normal. Your ornaments are so pretty, but I have to say, I love the beads. You have a great idea to have a theme each year, I might have to think about that one too. Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy Pink Saturday, I will see you in 2010, Char

  5. Elena All of your handmade decor are just stunning.

    I do the same thing as you at Christmas, pick a theme for my greeting cards and then I also have a sentiment message (long one ) to match the theme. This year I did christmas trees and the beautiful verse was about “The First Christmas Tree”. Red and gold are to me also what paints the Christmas canvas.

    I get wonderful satisfaction as you must do in giving them to friends and family, I’m sure they wait and wonder what surprise gift they will receive from you!

    I love to hear that my greeting cards never get recycled as they get kept and sometimes framed to add a decoration to the next Christmas.

    Looking at your sparkly bells you have given me an idea for next year to make some bells with quilling and beads and not put them on a card and use them for tree decorations.

    Have a Happy and safe Christmas and may your dreams be filled with new creations for 2010. cheers Janice

  6. Elena, these are so lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us. Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you and a very Merry Christmas as well!


    Sheila :-)