Op Shopping

Are you an op shopper?  If so, what is it about op shops that draw you in? These stores are usually overflowing with all kinds of paraphernalia. Stocked full from floor to ceiling there’s sure to be an abundance of stuff to send a spark of interest and keep it zapping like a live wire as you fossick through. What was someone’s one time treasure has become their trash; and now this trash will eventually become someone else’s new treasure.

Op shopping is something you either love to do & can’t resist or you loathe it and avoid it. I wonder how many non-op shoppers have had a change of heart? I don’t have any ‘statistics’ to go by but I’m sure that when most people take their first or second look at an op shop they’re surprised. Even the most adamant of shoppers of new, modern & fashionable trends is sure to become hooked – all it takes is the glimmer of one tiny little trinket or trifle to catch the corner of your eye & lead you to that incredible ‘bargain’ item you just have to have.

Yes, I’ve seen it happen in the op shop – people walking through from the car park just to go to the cafe, their pace getting slower as they glimpse something of interest. Not looking for anything? But they DO find something… or it finds ythem! Can’t go past it- Got to have it. And so begins a new relationship between op shop & shopper. That walk through from the car park to the cafe becomes a daily or weekly ritual.

New items, old items, used or renewed, modern or fashionable, collectors’ delights, antique, vintage, retro, trinkets & frills, cute & sweet, fanciful costumes and classical clothes – it’s all there to be found. 

A bargain find – I needed a jewellery box & this one is in fabulous condition & looks great on my dresser too;  two watches – both in working order of course, and batteries included (I no longer need to keep checking my mobile phone for the time); plus a set of 5 silver bangles (I love bangles & bracelets) – I handed over a $20 bill & received more than enough change  for a cappuccino. Now, I’m not the one who walked from the car park to the cafe – I was hooked years ago – but I have seen it happen.

Have you found any great op shop bargains lately? Please share them with me, I’d love to hear your story.

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Op Shopping — 7 Comments

  1. I was converted to op shopping as a young girl. As new migrants to Australia, my parents found op shops and garage sales a novel idea and were forever dragging us to these just for fun, LOL.

    I find that as I drive, I always have my eye out for op shops I might not have previously visited! I love to find items to upcycle, such as doilies, old manchester, clothing and books. My best find – a vintage pair of pinking shears stamped with the year “1946” on one of the blades. They still work beautifully too!

    • Oh Deb, I’m the same especially if driving through a country town. You just never know what treasures you’ll end up finding.

  2. oh yeah! i luuuurv the op shop. I have found some totally fabulous fabrics, that I have hoarded for years & years, & only now have discovered what to do with them! I’ve found some really special dresses, including a 1950s teal satin cocktail dress, with pleated bodice and matching jacket, and another time, a fox stole. After many many years, I still visit whenever I can, with my small children in tow (who always find some interesting toys and books!). Fabulous places.

    • Thanks for stopping by Julie. Once you get the taste for this kind of shopping it’s hard to pass up. I’ve seen some gorgeous vintage dresses in great condition … oh, if only they were in my size … and I had an event it wear it to.

      ps. had a peek at your etsy store – gorgeous cushions!

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  4. I like to drop in at op shops if I happen to be near one. I don’t always find things but I do get great bargains when I find something.

  5. Hi Elisabeth, it’s lovely to have you visit – nice to know you do find bargains at times at those op shops.