Mystery Solved!

This delightful hand painted china dish is small in size but big on beauty and elegance. Just the perfect thing to Welcome you to Pink Saturday!

There’s always a little story behind my collectables & this gorgeous dish, which measures 12cm x12cm (or 4 3/4″), is no exception. It was given to me by the mother & grandmother of two boys being homeschooled in our circle of homeschoolers. Grandmother Kitty handpainted it as a thank you gift …..

…. During the primary years of homeschooling many of the children were into reading lots of mystery stories. They loved mysteries & were absorbed by the stories – so much so, that they would spend their meeting times together forming mystery clubs & trying to solve mysteries. However, mysteries were few & far between, so I came up whith an idea to start one for them, without them knowing who was behind it all.

Ten children began receiving letters from a Mystery Bear who would give them clues to who he might be. He would write to them about his adventures; he would send puzzles for them to solve, crosswords with hidden clues & even newsletters filled with more clues & activities.  Mystery Bear encouraged the children to write to him with their jokes, riddles, poems,  and thoughts on who they suspected was the Mystery Bear

This mystery kept the children active for a number of months until it was decided that he would reveal himself at an undisclosed time….. that time came on an Easter Sunday. Mystery Bear arrived with a basket full of chocolate eggs,  at a gathering where all the children & their families were present. There were squeals of delight from the children who had no clue that their Mystery Bear would arrive on an Easter Sunday.

They eventually discovered it was Me inside that bear costume & were very, very surprised – I was just about the only person they didn’t suspect.

It was so much fun for everyone involved … including me – I loved every moment of it & I know the children had an amazing time with the mystery.

And so, this beautiful little china dish was created with love as a Thank You for me – isn’t it gorgeous!


… And now for our weekly challenge – here is a delightful participant I’d like to introduce you to –

Joyce  from Light and Voices

There are many wonderful entries for Pink Saturday which is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Take time to visit other participants’ blogs and see how Pink everyone’s Saturdays can be – you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!


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Mystery Solved! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you! I arrived at your site this morning and discovered that I was featured on your blog. How exciting is that? V-e-r-y!
    Lovely, just lovely plate and it is filled with happy memories besides. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.
    Joyce M