At My House …

Today is our Labour Day public holiday …. and I’m ‘Home Alone’. I don’t mind though. My son has gone out with his girlfriend; Mum is working; and I’m enjoying the quiet …..

…. alas, I’ve typed too soon – I had to pause to run around the house to close the windows & doors while the rain falls heavily around. I’m back & it feels rather cosy in here and I think it’s almost time for coffee & something ‘nice’ to go with it.

After that I’ll try & get into some painting practice – something I haven’t done in a very long time. It’s a long story but won’t go into it today. My studio is a room behind the garage but I’ve already brought in a basket of painting tools so I can sit in the family room, in a nice spot, overlooking the back yard … with the rain storming down … and hopefully be inspired to get started.

This is just so typical of Melbourne weather – as I finish typing this post, the rain stops & the sun comes out …. well, it’s going to be an interesting afternoon.

Would you like to take part in this fun meme? Pop over to Buttons By Lou Lou and join in.

Have a great day!

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Mum to one teenage boy who has been homeschooled. I'm a decorative artist with a background in Interior Design. I love lots of colour, painting & generally being creative, all things beautiful, sunsets, beaches, sunny days, chocolate and bubbly.


At My House … — 6 Comments

  1. Lol very typical Melbourne weather. How lovely to have some time to enjoy your painting. Do we get to see the finished result?

    • You’re welcome Lou. It’s nice to take part in these fun memes – hope you get lots of participants – thank you for hosting it.