As a busy homeschooling, work-at-home business mum I know what it’s like to be always looking after your family, manage a household, help out family & friends, and aiming to run a successful business …… and I’m sure so do millions of other women around the world. It’s in our nature to always be looking out for others that we forget to look out for ourselves. And I’m sure we’ve heard it all before that sometimes, we do need to stop & give ourselves some time out …. and we do need a little pampering ……

Beauty Banquet was created by Anne Maybus.  Anne is a trained colour and style consultant with a background in training and development.  She works with women who want to make something of themselves, whether it be in their physical appearance or the building of a business.

I have found Anne to be very encouraging and she is genuine about her desire to help women, whether its pampering they need or support in growing their business. In her ‘About Me’ page she speaks about her work principal –

 “At least once in your life be a tall poppy’. 

Beauty Banquet understands how women often forget about themselves. Whether you’re a full time mum caring for & nurturing your family, or a working/business woman, Beauty Banquet hopes to offer support, encouragement and help to grow and become the best they can be.
Take a look at Anne’s blog Beauty Banquet and follow her links to her web site. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience and be pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes it’s time to be creative with yourself!!

Ciao for now,

Elena Perrotta

Before and After

Home wares we own can at times be left hiding inside a cupboard for years – either we don’t like them, or they’ve been well used, or they are ready for the give-away or throw-away box. Sometimes these items can be precious because of sentimental reasons and it’s difficult to get rid of them.

A friend had a few items that had lots their ‘shine’ for various reasons. One item had belonged to her grandmother but was looking very ‘sad’. We couldn’t work out if at some time it had a silver coating on it or not. The tray was of metal but it was difficult to know what kind of metal. It was a little soft so possibly a mix. It couldn’t be used as it was but she couldn’t part with it, so I was asked if I could do something with it. Another item was a small, heart shaped trinket box. Originally given to her daughter as a gift years before,  it had simply lost it shine & needed to be recreated.

This is the ‘Before’ look

Here are the final results.

I’m happy to say that my friend was very happy with the results.

Recreated Treasures by Elena Perrotta


Looking for an Interior Designer in Melbourne? There are times when trying to put together a new decor & colour scheme can be somewhat overwhelming. Usually it’s hard to know where to start, especially if there is more than one style you like or you have a mix of likes & simply don’t know what to use, how to use it, what to keep, what not to use, etc etc …. This is when an Interior Decorating consultant comes in handy. Having the right information, guidance & advice can save you time and money…… and gives you the satisfaction of knowing & having an interior than you can be ecstatic with and proud of.

Tania Wright of Green Room Interiors can be just the kind of consultant who can steer you in the right direction. Take a look at her web site – GREEN ROOM INTERIORS– and see what Tania has to say and offer. She is lovely to deal with and can help with either a simple colour consultation, or design & specification of a whole interior.

I just love the quote Tania uses on her web site-

“Have nothing in you house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris

Just the kind of quote that matches my thoughts and products too 😉

So stop by and see for yourself what an Interior Designer from Melbourne can offer you.


Elena Perrotta :)

Shabby Elegance

group-vases-3b.JPG Following on from my previous post, here is a collection of decorative items grouped together in a display. This may seem overly decorative but changing displays in your home can be just as refreshing for your home as a new outfit,  shoes or hairstyle for yourself.  Just as we like to pamper ourselves from time to time, a little pampering for your home can brighten up a dark corner, a boring view or bare wall.

Sometimes I like to come up with a new setting or decor feature for a special occasion, dinner party, afternoon tea or expected visitors. It can be as simple as rearranging a few items & furniture in a room, bringing out china & glassware to display, or showing off a new purchase or newly recreated piece. They are only temporary displays and tend to linger on for a while until something new comes up. But you can chose to keep them as a more permanent display.

You could use a collection of your favourite things next to something new you’ve been given or purchased.  The photo below shows a group or my Recreated Treasures – a tall planter, small vase, an elegant slimline jug, three little vases sitting graciously on an oval try, all standing quite elegantly on a soft, pink chiffon table cloth which has been ruffled up around them, and backed by another cloth of lace & fringing. There is a sense shabby elegance about this setting.

Have a go at experimenting yourself with different settings. You may surprise yourself at what you find & what you come up with ….. enjoy it.

Ciao for now from Elena Perrotta :)

Three Roses Compote

ep3.jpgThis Recreated compote was completed for the 2005 Exhibition. A number of items with decoupaged roses had been included in my range of newly designed Treasures that year.  This too found a new home & is proudly displayed there. Many of these items are used as decorative features which can brighten up any little corner, dresser, mantle or kitchen. They can be paired up or grouped with similar pieces. I like to team them up with gorgeously flowing sheer tablecloths trimmed with silky fringing, or tassells – either soft bodied or beaded ones, casually draped over the dish or base of the compote. You could easily find little trinkets, vases, silk roses, candle-holders or any nifty little items, cloths, laces or runners & arrange them in a display.

A Recreated Treasure by Elena Perrotta

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