Just a reminder about my January Specials & auctions. Many of my products have been discounted for the month of January only. These are all new & popular items. You are sure to find some gorgeous gift ideas, inspiring decorative home wares or beautiful collectables.  Some of the items available –

Roses panel print

French Provincial design mirror

Brass handled walking stick

Ornate brass counter bell

Chic French style table/mantle clock

Lace table cloths

Brass easel stand

Chic quilted throws

My January Specials – Look Here!

Come, take a look and enjoy. You’re sure to find some beautiful products.

Ciao for now

God Bless 

Elena Perrotta

Little Bowl of Yellow Roses

bowl-1bb.JPGThis Recreated piece was in a sad state when I bought it from a recycling yard. Originally it would have had a fixed overhead handle, but the handle must have been long gone before I found the bowl. The silver that did cover it once was also long gone & the bowl needed a good clean & scrub in preparation for the recreation process. This is the final result of that recreation.

The bowl now has a ‘new life’ …. and is indeed in ‘pride-of-place’ in a new home standing proud as gorgeous little Recreated Treasure.

Elena Perrotta

Oval Dish

dish-1dd.JPGIn my world of Recreated Treasures, in the ‘small item’ range I have this oval dish. Another recreated piece with pink roses painted onto it.  Many people comment that with these kinds of pieces they wouldn’t want to ‘use’ them because they feel it may be too delicate to use – they would use it just for display. The appearance of these recreated works seem to have that dainty, delicate feel to them but the item itself is quite ‘sturdy’ and finished to a high standard of workmanship. The artwork is sealed (including the entire piece) with 4-6 coats of varnish – depending on size & use of item. Once cured, the varnish acts as a tough surface & will withstand a fair bit of handling & normal usage of the item (even a bit of rough handling within reason).

Stay tuned for more Recreated Treasures by Elena Perrotta :)

Little Pink Vase

vase-1aa.JPGI try to include many smaller items in my Recreated Treasures range. This little vase stands at approx 18cm (7″). It’s an adorable little piece which is affordable & just right if looking for a small gift. The buyer loved it & found it to be just right for a ‘shabby chic’ style home decor.


A beautiful vase, with or without flowers in it, a gorgeous little collectable and elegant Recreated Treasure.

Elena Perrotta :)

Blue Jug

jug-2gg.JPGThis little jug pictured here is one of a number of jugs I painted in 2007. They were a popular item during my Exhibition & Sale. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they purchase something they really like. What makes it more special is that these pieces are one-of-a-kind works, so when they are bought, customers take with them a design that no one else has. I must admit, I do like working on jugs.

Ciao for now

God Bless,

Elena Perrotta :)

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